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Long Live Fashion

My name is Amanda, and I am a fashion junkie. 
Ok, so thats pretty obvious by now, right? What you may not know by now, is that I am also quite of a tee-shirt junkie as well. I live for a cool, easy to wear tee, and one with a fun and catchy slogan? Sign me up (or just mail me one)! I love vintage, I love band tees, and I especially love tees that help support my fellow bloggers. Cue in “VIVA LA MODA!” 
One of my blogger idols, Sincerely Jules, has one of THE best tee shirt shops around. I not only love Jules’ blog and amazing sense of style, but I have become quite the collector of her fun and fashionable tees as well. The fit is great and very versatile, and I like having fun dressing them up, or wearing them casual. I have even been known to rock them for a night out on the town. They look great, the fit is perfect, and they are even very forgiving on this little baby bump of mine. 
I paired my tee with one of my fav pairs of Zara leather shorts and these super fun Shoe Mint sandals. Shoe Mint has also become one of my recent addictions, they make buying and shopping for shoes so easy (maybe a little too easy) and they offer such fun styles that you won’t see too often in regular shops. They have great customer service, easy purchasing, and a really great return/exchange policy. I highly reccommend becoming a member if you, like me, have quite the love for unique style shoes. 
 The denim jacket added just the perfect touch to complete this look for day time. 

And how could I not mention these stunning earrings? I just love every single detail of them. I am not normally a fan of wearing large earrings, or wearing heavy accessories at all, but I just fell in love with these jewels the second I laid my eyes on them. Bauble Bar makes such great and affordable accessories, and I will definitely begin to explore the idea of wearing some more fun jewels! They just seem to have the power of making you feel instant fab.
Signing out and sending love to all my fashion lovers everywhere…
With love,
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Shoe Mint
Earrings: BaubleBar

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