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The 2014 Met Gala Through my Lens

The Met Gala, a red carpet event that a fashion lover looks forward to every year. The who’s who of the A-List, and the one evening a year where one can make their best, or worst fashion statement of the year; I mean, who could forget Kim Kardashian’s 2013 rendition of my grandmother’s couch?! The theme this year, as chosen by THE Anna Wintour herself was “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” (creator of the 10 lb. ball gowns).
I am here to share with you my favorites, my not-so-favorites, the eye sores, and best couples, because it is one thing to rock a red carpet solo, but when your life partner can look just as good as you, that deserves some recognition! So, you ask, who in my humble opinion deserves the most honorable mentions?
 Let us get started…
The Worst Dressed
Now, you may be wondering why I chose to put the following stars on my worst dressed list, when one can agree, that there were definitely some more honorable (or rather, least honorable) mentions. But here is how I determined my list; I go into red carpet viewing excited for some of my favorite actors and actresses to blow my socks off, I have pretty high expectations! For one to let those expectations down is pretty heartbreaking. These few mentions did just that: they let me down! So disappointing…
Kate Upton… why? The ruffles, the head piece. It is just all so unflattering, and on such a beauty, this does not sit well with me and it is just so hard to look at. Sad!
Rita Ora in Donna Karan, just stop.
Sandra Lee, I get it, really, I do. Charles James, the 10 lb. ball gown, Cinderella; but lets be clear, this is the Met Gala, NOT Disney on Ice. 
And in my opinion, the absolute WORST for the night? Lea Michele. Why? Because as mentioned before, I would have just expected so much more from her. She is an “it” actress trying to make it in the music industry as the newest sex kitten, and then she does this? Unforgivable. This dress is ill-fitted, unflattering, boring, and just plain ugly. The color is terrible, the cut is all wrong, and even her hair was a fail. Sorry Gleeksters! 
Most Boring  
I don’t know what is worse, worst dressed, or most boring? They could almost be in the same category; however, I decided to give this group of ladies their own category. Why? Because they definitely knew better.
Michelle Williams, I get it, you’re too cool, you’re so “above the scene,” but guess what? You chose to show up. Why then, attend wearing something you would wear to your best friend’s Sweet 16? She could have done so much better!
Nicole Richie, I expected SO much more. I contemplated putting her on my worst dressed list, but I just have too much respect to do so. Did she go a little over board last year? Yes. But she ROCKED it. She was avant garde, and fashion forward in it’s truest sense… but this year: played out, cliche, and nothing impressive. Plus, I am OVER the purple hair trend. 
Selena Gomez, my bridesmaids want their dresses back. And that is all.
Kim Kardashian, what can I say? You won’t be the laughing stock of the media this year! I mean, I don’t really have words for this. She played it safe and it shows. The dress, the hair, and the shoes, all safe. I am most dissapointed in her look because this was her chance to redeem herself. She is besties with Anna Wintour for crying out loud! Why be boring? Couldn’t she have at least re-worn her dress from the cover of Vogue? Anything but this!
Best Couples
Lets keep this short and sweet. These couples know how to do a red carpet…
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in Gucci – stunning.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in Ralph Lauren

David and Victoria Beckham in Ralph Lauren

Jay-Z and Beyonce in Givenchy
The Best Dressed
Now the part we have all been waiting for, last but not least… the favorites! I had quite a list, to be honest, and there were some that I didn’t include that really looked great, but I chose to post only the spectacularly-stunning… Agree? Disagree? Do share!
First up, Hailee Steinfield in Prabal Gurung. Now this is how you do Ball Gown. I am such a sucker for black and white and I love that this dress has the perfect balance. I love the cut, and I especially appreciate that little lift in the front. This look is elegant and timeless, and I love every inch of this dress. 
Kendall Jenner, this little one has made quite the name for herself. From tearing it up in Fashion Week earlier this year, to her impeccable fashion sense, she follows in her own footsteps and is looking great while doing it. She looks flawless, and this dress looks like it was sewn to her body, pure perfection!
Leighton Meester, what a goddess. How could I list Serena without her Blair? Leighton pulled this look off perfectly. I love that she always underwhelms on red carpet events, but not in a negative way. She is never over-done, but rather, perfectly-done. This dress isn’t a very traditional ball gown, but there is an elegance about it, and she was just the girl to pull it off perfectly. 
Olivia Munn, I love the color, I love the style. Everything about this look just stands out from the rest. The waist band is such a simple detail, but it really pulls the entire look together for me. I love it!
The Best of the Best
Ok, so I am adding another category… forgive me. But this next look is in a category of its own. THE BEST look of the night…
Rachel McAdams in Ralph Lauren. I have no words for this beauty. I know some may disagree, and yes, maybe there were more “jazzy” looks (for lack of a better word), but the beauty of this overall look can not be matched. The perfect symmetry of this gown is beyond words, and it speaks for itself in that she didn’t even need to accessorize much. In fact, that for me, was what won this look over. It is fashion in its purest form: raw, untouched, and without need for the extra dazzle. This dress is so “now” but also so classic. The ease at which this dress is worn is striking, and I just love the whimsical tail… I could go on for days, but all I know is, I am in love! 
That about sums it up! I hope you enjoyed reading. I live for these nights, and I hope I have brought some insight to some of you. A girl could dream of one day attending these events… I, however, am happy to blog it!
Until next year…
With love,

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