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Birthdays are for Surprises!

What could be better than celebrating your Birthday with your family and closest friends? 
Giving them all the best surprise yet… we have a BABY on the way! The last two months have been full of secrets and tight lips, and my husband and I were counting down the days to share the BEST news with all of our loved ones, and what better way to share the news with all than a birthday surprise? It will go down as one of the most memorable days of our lives. We were so overjoyed to share the news of Baby U with everyone, and my birthday was the perfect way to do it!
And now, we celebrate! 
My better half and I have been married for 2 1/2 years. We have traveled, moved to a new town, and have cemented our lives together with a growing business and have settled ourselves into the place we now call home… the only thing missing? Turning our family of two into three. Our hearts are complete, and our home feels full already; this is more magical than we could have ever imagined it to feel. And how lucky am I that I get to share this with my best friend?

Meet the two Grandma’s… or as they will be referred to: “Ba” and “Nana.” I don’t think the smiles get much bigger or the hearts much warmer. Baby U will make for Ba’s first grand-baby, and Nana’s fifth!
And as for Papa? He tells me that for the first time in my life, I have my competition for his #1 in my belly… and guess what? That is a-ok with me!
Baby U also fills another important roll in the hearts of Darshan’s grandparents on his mom’s side: 
GREAT-Grandchild #1!!
 Darshan is their first grandchild, and now, Baby U will be the very first great-grandchild! 
What an honor, and what a lucky little baby! 
*not pictured* Baby U will also make for grandchild #25 for my grandparents, and great-grandchild #5 for The Upadhyaya grandparents!
My two brothers mean the world to me, and although my younger brother (left) is already an Uncle to our nephews and niece, my older brother (right) will be an Uncle for the first time! 
My sister, cousins, and aunts were also part of the celebration and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. Family is my world, and growing up, cousins were more like siblings, and aunts were more like mothers, the excitement in this house was unmeasurable! 
And of course, the best friends a girl could have. Their support, love, and loyalty over the years brings so much joy to my life. Our friends have become our family, and our day would not have been the same without them. They mean the world to us, and they will all make the best aunties! 
Oh right, this was also a birthday celebration! With all of the exciting baby news, the fact that it was my birthday was just the icing on the cake (literally).
And what would I be without the detailed styling? I loved my birthday dress and fell in love the minute I saw it. It was the perfect baby doll style dress, and was a great aid in hiding my very small, but growing baby bump; plus, right now, I’m into anything that has room to grow. The color was just too pretty to pass, blush is such a great color right now (see previous post), and wearing pink made me feel like ‘the birthday girl.’ To top off my look on this special day, I went with a necklace that was given to me as a child from my Grandmother Charlotte’s jewelry box. It has always meant a lot to me, and it has become a personal tradition to wear some sort of significant piece of jewelry, or have an important item with me on special days from a loved one, and this necklace just seemed appropriate. Although I could not have my loved ones who are now in heaven here with us to celebrate the great news, I could still feel their presence with us on this special occasion. This beautiful statement necklace that belonged to my grandmother was just the perfect added touch to feeling that connection with them.
There are no words to describe this magical feeling. I feel whole, I feel complete, and I feel a love that I have never felt before. To share this joy with the person I love most in this world has been a blessing that I can’t describe. We feel honored, lucky, and closer than ever before. I can not wait to see what this new journey has in store for us! #babyU
Dress: Zara
Necklace: vintage
Shoes: Franco Sarto via Nordstrom



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