• 20 Thanksgiving Dresses for under $60

    20 Thanksgiving Dresses for under $60

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and since I know we all have so much to prep for and get together, I thought it would be fun to share some super easy and affordable outfit options in case you are like me and wait until the last minute to dress yourself. Raj's outfit was ordered weeks ago, m
  • Welcome, Christmas 2018

    Welcome, Christmas 2018

    Thank you King of Christmas for gifting my family this beautiful tree  My dream tree is here and as soon as it arrived I couldn't wait to pull it out of the box. I have seen the King of Christmas trees all over Instagram for the last few years and I have had it on my wish list for some time. Wh
  • Breast Cancer Awareness with JCP Salon

    Breast Cancer Awareness with JCP Salon

    This content is sponsored by JCPenney. All feelings, stories, and opinions are my own and are written 100% from my heart. Thank you! Keeping up with my promise to find every possible way to give back to foundations raising money to find a cure for cancer, today I have partnered with the JCPenne
  • Halloween with the U Crew

    Halloween with the U Crew

    I was recently gifted some of the most beautiful pieces from the MacKenzie-Childs Fall Collection and I don't think I have ever been more starstruck to work with a brand ever. I remember browsing the collection every season wishing that one day I would be able to splash my future home with some
  • WWF // Breast Cancer Awareness

    WWF // Breast Cancer Awareness

    This content is sponsored by Words with Friends. All feelings, stories, and opinions are my own and are written 100% from my heart. Thank you! “Cancer does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are a 57 year old about to become a first-time grandmother or if you are a 36 year old mother of t
  • Happy Diwali

    Happy Diwali

    Recently I was asked to team up with the ladies of the Chai Mommas Blog again for a feature on our family in celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. Diwali is a 5-day celebration of the Hindu New Year and is celebrated in size and excitement equivalent to how we celebrate Christmas in
  • 9 Step Easy Beauty Routine

    9 Step Easy Beauty Routine

      It has been my personal mission to perfect an every day beauty look that is fast to complete (I am talking less than 5-10 minutes), and can be done with less than 10 products. Every time I look up 'natural beauty makeup looks' on Pinterest or online I see these perfectly curated and gl
  • Fall essentials

    Fall essentials

    This jacket is my absolute favorite purchase from over the last few months because 1. it is comfortable and 2. I love the oversized style - instant cool vibes. I went online to link it for some readers this morning and when I did I realize that the entire brand is having a pretty good sale right n
  • San Fran in 3 Days

    San Fran in 3 Days

    *Sponsored by Alaska Air, Proper Hotels & ShopStyle When I was asked by my favorite crew over at ShopStyle to team up with Alaska Airlines for a non-touristy/traveler style San Francisco Guide, I nearly fell out of my chair from shock and extreme excitement. There is no greater honor than hav
  • San Fran // Shop

    San Fran // Shop

      Hi friends! Darshan and I are so excited to spend the next couple of days here in San Francisco. I will be sharing tons of videos and snaps live over on Instagram, and next week I will have a full blog post with details of our trip. For now I wanted to create a super easy way for you to
  • Cinèpolis // Crazy Rich Asians

    Cinèpolis // Crazy Rich Asians

    Finally made it back to our favvvvvorite place in OC last week, Cinépolis! This has become D and mine’s favorite monthly ritual; we put Raj to bed, hire a sitter, and sneak down the road to eat dinner and watch a movie together. It’s intimate, relaxing, and since we are obsessed with the food, i
  • First days and things

    First days and things

    Because new is new… no matter what the circumstance, that alone can be scary. Today is such a big day for our family. One I have been so excited for but equally dreading at the same time: Raj’s first day attending a new school, full time. When Darshan and I made the decision to pull him from hi
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